What Color Curtains With Green Walls And Brown Furniture

What Color Curtains With Green Walls And Brown Furniture

Adding curtains to a room can completely transform the look of the entire space. But with so many options, choosing the right curtains for a room with green walls and brown furniture can be daunting. To help find the perfect color for your space, this article will provide insights into what type of curtains will look best with green walls and brown furniture.

Complimentary Colors

If you have green walls and brown furniture in your room, then choosing the right color curtains can be a bit of a challenge. One of the most popular options is to opt for complementary colors like yellow, orange, and red. These colors are known for their ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere while adding some visual interest to your space.

Yellow is an excellent choice if you want to add some brightness and cheerfulness to your room. It pairs well with both green and brown, making it a versatile option that works in many different styles of decor. If you have light green walls, consider going for darker shades of yellow such as mustard or ochre.

Orange is another great option that adds warmth and depth to any room. This color complements brown furniture perfectly while also balancing out the cool tones of green walls. Go for shades like terracotta or burnt orange if you want something more subtle or go bold with bright tangerine if you’re feeling adventurous.

Finally, red is an excellent choice if you want to make a statement with your curtains. This passionate color adds drama and excitement while also creating balance when paired with green walls and brown furniture. Try shades like burgundy or crimson if you want something bold but not too overpowering.

Contrasting Colors

Blue is a versatile color that pairs well with green and brown. Lighter shades of blue can create a calming effect in the space while deeper blues can add a bold pop of color. Gray is another great option as it adds sophistication to any room. Darker grays will contrast nicely against the lighter green walls making them stand out more.

Lastly, purple is always an excellent choice when looking for a contrasting color to pair with green walls and brown furniture. Its range of shades from lavender to deep eggplant can give off different moods depending on what you’re aiming for in your space – light purples offer a soft touch while darker purples offer luxury and drama.

When selecting curtains for this particular color scheme, consider choosing neutral-colored curtains that complement all three colors or pick up one of these contrasting hues within your curtains’ pattern or fabric to tie everything together visually.

Mixing Patterns

When it comes to mixing patterns, it’s no secret that combining stripes, florals, and geometric prints can be a bit intimidating. However, with the right approach and a few simple tips, you can create a cohesive look that adds interest and personality to any space. One way to start is by selecting one dominant pattern as the focal point of your design scheme.

Another tip is to pay attention to color coordination when mixing patterns. If you’re unsure which colors will work well together, use an online color wheel tool or consult with a professional designer for guidance. In the case of green walls and brown furniture, consider incorporating accents of blue or purple in your patterned pieces for added depth and dimension.

Overall, when mixing patterns it’s important not to overdo it – less is often more! Keep in mind that balancing different textures, shapes and color tones is key when creating a harmonious visual effect that feels both cohesive and eclectic at the same time.

Monochromatic Look

If you have green walls and brown furniture, opting for curtains in different shades of green can add depth and texture without overpowering the space. For example, if your walls are painted in a light shade of green like sage or mint, you can choose curtains that are darker such as hunter or forest green. This not only adds contrast but also creates an illusion of height by drawing attention upwards.

On the other hand, if you have dark green walls like emerald or olive with brown furniture, lighter curtains in pale or pastel greens will brighten up the space while maintaining a cohesive look. Additionally, incorporating natural elements such as plants and wooden accents can add warmth to your monochromatic oasis. With these tips in mind, achieving a monochromatic look with shades of green is easy and effortless!


In conclusion, choosing the right curtains for a room with green walls and brown furniture can be tricky. To create a cohesive look, it’s important to consider the color scheme of the space. Complementary colors such as blue, purple or yellow can work well with green walls and brown furniture.

Another factor to consider is the level of light and privacy you want in your space. If you’re looking for more natural light, sheer curtains can be a great option while still adding a touch of style to your room. Alternatively, if privacy is your main concern, opt for thicker curtains that provide more coverage.

Ultimately, selecting curtains that match the overall aesthetic of your space will ensure a polished and unified look. By taking into account factors like the color scheme and level of light desired, you’ll find the perfect window treatment to elevate any room with green walls and brown furniture.

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